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Eutelsat Networks LLC is a subsidiary of Eutelsat S.A., the global satellite communication operator, which is one of the three world leaders among satellite communication service providers for television and radio broadcasting and data transfer.

Eutelsat Networks LLC is a Russian communication operator offering modern fixed satellite communication services in the Ka range, including high-speed Internet access sat speeds to 200 Mbps per terminal and data transfer based on the Express AMU Russian high-bandwidth satellite (Eutelsat 36C). This satellite was put into orbit in December, 2015, and put into operation in orbital position 36°E.

The Eutelsat Networks central switching station (hub) is a multi-service SkyEdge II platform from Gilat Satellite Networks (Israel), which provides not only Internet access services to the public, but also highly reliable services that meet requirements of modern business.

The satellite communication ground station and hub are at Dubna Satellite Communications Center of Russian Space Communication Company. The Eutelsat Networks Network Management Center is at Dubna.